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This page highlights the differences between Kasumi Momochi and Sarah Thompson.

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Kasumi Sarah
Kasumi is related to all Ninningers except Kinji Takigawa. Sarah is not related to other Ninja Steel Rangers other than being team comrades.
Kasumi is a university student studying to become a scientist and aims to become a great astronaut. She does not involve in extreme sports and does not involve related to speed. Sarah is a high school student and aims to be a great engineer. She was also a hoverboard rider whose goal to become the fastest woman in all Summer Cove.
Kasumi does not travel through time with Santa. With help of Santa, she got the Ninja Powers Stars to the present to stop Cleocatra.
Her name does not come from the actress for Miki Masaki in Gekiranger. Her name is similar to the actress that played Fran in Jungle Fury.
Used the Chozetsu Shoubu Changer in a stage show. Never used Lion Fire Mode.
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