This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between the Kakurangers and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Kakurangers Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Was the 18th season of Super Sentai and a full TV season. Only zords, monsters and Ninjaman were used along with the original material of some yokais.
Are the 18th Super Sentai team. Are powers that were seen later in the season Alien Rangers, even in Super Megaforce.
Ninjaman is ally of the Kakurangers. Zordon recommends the Rangers to search for Ninjor to train in the ninja arts.
Ninjaman is a Extra Hero/Sixth Ranger figure in their team. Ninjor created their powers, but they still use the same suits from last season.
Daimaou is the main villain and he is the father of Gashadokuro. Master Vile is a recurring villain and he is the father of Rita Repulsa and Rito Revolto.
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