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This page highlights the differences between Kajimerian Ben G and General Benaag.

Kajimerian Ben G
General Benag
Ben G/Benaag
General Benaag


Kaimerian Ben G General Benaag
Is an alien criminal from the planet Kajimeri. Is a general of the Troobian Empire.
Is not known to have attacked the planet Anubis or abducted any Anuboids. Took part in the Troobian invasion of Sirius and abducted Isinia Cruger, wife of Anubis Cruger.
Became a cyborg as a result of injuries sustained while being pursued by Doggie Kruger. Cyborg nature is not known to have been caused as a result of Benaag's conflicts with Anubis Cruger.
Was destroyed by Kruger in his DekaMaster form but later revived during Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger vs. Abaranger, where he was destroyed again by DekaMaster, AbareKiller, DekaPink, and DekaBreak. Was captured by Cruger as the Shadow Ranger; didn't take part in History or Wormhole and thus never engaged the Dino Rangers.
Personally hired Intergalactic Hitman Gigantes to kill Kruger. Had no interaction with Giganis.
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