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This page highlights the differences between Kaizoku Gattai GokaiOh and Legendary Megazord.

Kaizoku Gattai GokaiOh
Legendary Megazord


Kaizoku Gattai GokaiOh Legendary Megazord
Was the only set of mecha used by the Gokaigers. Was the replacement of the Gosei Great Megazord when the Mega Rangers acquired their Super Mega powers.
Gokai Galleon was previously owned by AkaRed. Before the start of the series, Akared, together with a younger Captain Marvelous and Basco to Jolokia traveled through space to recollect the lost Super Sentai powers. The Super Mega Skyship, along with the other four Zords, were created by Gosei, as he knew the previous Gosei Mechazords were too weak against the Armada. The Skyship was never used for extensive space travel.
Gokai Galleon is the base and even living space of the Gokaigers. The Super Mega Skyship was only used during battles or as transportation through the air, but not as a base or residence for the Mega Rangers
Power Ups and finishers were all given by previous Sentai members, when they trusted the Gokaigers in using it. These power ups were known as Greater Powers. Only some power ups were given by previous power rangers. Most of them were created by Gosei and given at the time the Rangers needed it. No special name was given to these powers.
Unlocked MagiDragon before Pat Striker. Unlocked Delta Runner before Mystic Dragon.
Can summon multiple Greater Powers at once. Cannot summon multiple auxiliary zords.
Can transform into Super Live Robo. Not shown to have transformation capabilities.
Can use the Gokai Bat. Not shown to use any main weapons other than its swords and the Super Mega Star-Burst attack.
Has used Gokai Providence outside of the Gokaiger DS game. Has only been seen using a fire-related Lightspeed Rescue attack in the Super Megaforce 3DS game.
Was destroyed two times during battles against the Zangyack fleet, with the second badly damaging it. Was destroyed during Mavro's first Armada fleet and was never rebuilt afterward.
Was temporarily taken over by Basco, one of the villains in Gokaiger. Was never taken over by any of the villains during its use.
Has two imitations themed after it: Fake GokaiOh and Black Galleon. Has no imitations or knock-offs themed after it.