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This page highlights the differences between Kabuki Novice and Weldo.

Kabuki Novice
MMPR Weldo
Kabuki Novice/Weldo


Kabuki Novice Weldo
Appeared in the 13th and 14th episodes. Only appeared in the 36th episode.
Primary battle form of a preexisting monster. Independent monster who can act on his own. Has no association with Bad Bookala aside from being in the same episode and his failure leading to the creation of that monster.
Was a kabuki obsessed Gorma Minion who could possess objects and people (in this case, a load of scrap metal). Was created from a bunch of junk in Billy's warehouse.
Mission was to hold Shoukyou, wife of Grandmaster Yufang, hostage and destroy the Dairangers. Mission was to kill Bookala and
First seen when he was possessing a security guard and this form was first seen around . First seen when he ambushed the Rangers milliseconds after his creation.
Used his eye blast on Kazu. Used his eye blast on Bookala and not Trini.
Primary power was possession. Primary power was his eye blast.
Destroyed in this form by Rin's Great Wheel Blade's Whirlwind Slash, forcing him into his true form. He was then defeated by the Great Wheel Chi Power Shoot but grew with his Growth Bomb before being killed by Dairen'oh as a giant. Destroyed by Billy's Blade Blaster after he injured Bookala with that eye blast. Kimberly played no part in his demise.
Final words (in this form) were hikm asking what he should do to no one in particular and (when finished off by Daire'oh's Raging Hurricane Winds) said he was finished. Final words were him saying that he would give Bookala hot feet whilst blasting him.
Scheme ultimately failed but the events he caused led Shadam, Gara, and Zydos to realize that Byakoshinken still existed, beginning the arc leading to the creation of Kibaranger. Scheme failed and, since Tommy had became the Rangers earlier in the series, he played no part in Zedd learning about Saba or the White Ranger's existence.
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