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OhYellow/Zeo Ranger II Yellow

This page highlights the differences between Juri Nijou and Tanya Sloan.

Zeo Ranger II Yellow


Juri Tanya
Juri did not take on new rangers powers after the completion of Ohranger, thus did not become Yellow Racer. Tanya became the Yellow Turbo Ranger after Zeo ended.
Juri was already member of U.A.O.H. prior to becoming an Ohranger Tanya had barely replaced Aisha Campbell before receiving Zeo Ranger II powers
Juri was the first female Sentai Yellow since Five Yellow. Tanya was the third female PR Yellow, fourth overall.
Juri was only the second female Yellow with skirt after Yellow Mask Tanya was the first Yellow Ranger who wore a skirt
Juri interacted with both the Kakurangers and Carrangers; never interacted with Megarangers Tanya interacted with the Alien Rangers; became a Turbo Ranger before giving her powers to a future Space Ranger