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This page highlights the differences between Joyful Knight Candelilla and Poisandra.


Joyful Knight Candelilla


Joyful Knight Candelilla Poisandra
Candelilla is an elite knight of the Deboss Army and takes command of joy, and is subordinate to leader Chaos. Poisandra is a general and later the wife of Sledge.
Is a creation made by Deboth. Is an alien from outer space.
Is capable of assuming a human form. Never assumed a human form
Candelilla was explicitly representing the emotion of Joy, as her task was to teach Deboth about said emotion, strengthening Deboth in the process. Poisandra does not represent any emotion as this aspect was dropped in Power Rangers. However in both occasions by Tyler and mostly Fury was referred to as candy themed through name calling.
Has the ability to create monsters that are able to cause extreme joy towards their victims. Said joy would be absorbed into Deboth itself to strengthen him. Has no ability to create monsters, as the monsters are captured criminals.
Candelilla is just an ordinary Knight of the Army, equal in rank to Aigaron and Dogold, thus being Luckyuro's direct superior. Poisandra is equal in rank to Wrench and Curio but lower when compared to Fury.
Is cheerful, loving, care free, naïve, happy go lucky, and optimistic. Is whiny, cruel, petulant, greedy, cunning, and conniving.
Has no romantic attraction to Chaos. Is obsessed with marriage and continually plans her and Sledge's wedding.
Turned to the side of good alongside Luckyuro and eventually became the new mentor of the Kyoryugers. Never turned to the side of good.

Her final fate is going into the Sun along with Sledge and Wrench in the New Timeline.

Her fate is sucked by a black hole with the rest of Sledge's Crew in the Original Timeline. However, she, Sledge and Wrench are revealed to have survived this defeat in Super Ninja Steel.

She is then finally blown up along with Sledge and Wrench when Koda leaves a bomb on the Warrior Dome.

She was a singer for both the Deboth Army and the Future Kyoryugers. She was never a singer for either Sledge or the Dino Charge Rangers. She only sang briefly in "Powers from the Past".
Never met or faced the Ninningers nor the Kibaoni Army Corps and also Shadow Line. Met the survivors of the Galaxy Warriors.
Is not the final villain of Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. Is one of the three final villains of Super Ninja Steel along with her husband and Wrench.
Did not take over Kibaoni Army Corps. Made a show to replace Galaxy Warriors after its cancellation in the finale.
Voice actress played Madison Rocca in the Japanese dub of Power Rangers Mystic Force. Voice actress does not voice Urara Ozu in an English dub of Mahou Sentai Magiranger.
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