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GekiRed/Jungle Fury Red Ranger

This page highlights the differences between Jan Kandou and Casey Rhodes.

JungleFuryRed (1)
Jungle Fury Red Ranger


Jan Casey
Has two battle modes. Has three battle modes, counting the Strike Rider armor.
Was the sole survivor of a village destroyed by Long. Was a student at the Pai Zhua academy.
Was not the leader of his team. Was the leader of his team.
Has a special speaking style that creates onomatopaeic words such as "niki-niki" or "wani-wani" Speaks like an average man his age.
Had a genetic connection to Suugu being his son Had a spiritual connection to Whiger due to having a stolen Animal Spirit
Teamed up with both the Boukengers and Go-Ongers. Did not team up with either the Overdrive Rangers or the Ranger Operators.
Was responsible for carrying around the diembodied spirit of Long after their battle, wandering around teaching kenpo. Once disguised as a zookeeper to get the Rangers to get close to him. Did also teach kung-fu on the side.
As a master, his uniform was the same as his red SCRTC garb. As a master, his uniform was black with heavy white accents and sparse red accents.
Taught Ahim de Famille and Don Dogoier the value of hand-to-hand combat. Taught Emma Goodall and Jake Holling to use hand-to-hand combat as a means of channeling their personal Animal Spirits.
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