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KabutoRaiger/Crimson Thunder Ranger

This page highlights the differences between Ikkou Kasumi and Hunter Bradley.

Crimson Thunder Ranger


Ikkou Hunter
Ikkou is a construction worker. Hunter is a motocross racer.
Ikkou is the biological older brother of Isshuu Kasumi. Hunter is the adoptive brother of Blake Bradley.
Ikkou confronted the Hurricangers for the first time before morphing. Hunter met Dustin at the Motocross racing for the first time and became friends with him.
Ikkou appears in Kouta's nightmare. He, Blake and Kelly finds the Rangers from the wreckage of Storm Megazord and gets them to safety.
Ikkou was placed in a life-threatening situation when Manmaruba planted a Space Scorpion egg in his body which caused him recurring issues of pain and nearly killed him before he was cured. Hunter was never faced with a life-threatening situation outside of battle.
First appeared as an anti-hero/villain First appeared as a villain
Teamed up with RyukiIcon-crosswiki.png & KnightIcon-crosswiki.png never allied with Dragon KnightIcon-crosswiki.png & Wing KnightIcon-crosswiki.png
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