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Kyoryu Black/Dino Charge Black

This page highlights the differences between Ian Yorkland and Chase Randall.

Kyoryu Black
Dino Charge ~ Dino Charge Black Ranger 01
Dino Charge Black


Ian Chase
Ian's full title as a Kyoryuger is the "Hot Shot Hero, KyoryuBlack". Chase is known as a hot shot due to his cool and confident attitude.
He is Japanese and has spent a great deal of time in Europe. He is from New Zealand.
He is a customer in Tiger Boy in the beginning of Kyoryuger, and before that, a Treasure Hunter. He works at Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum as a custodian, dig worker and Dino Bite Cafe waiter.
Holds a personal vendetta against Aigaron for killing his friend Shiro Mifune. Only sees Wrench as an ordinary enemy and has no relation to him.
He is a good friend of Souji Rippukan. He works alongside with Koda as a sidekick.
He was watching Nossan to learn how to drive a Deinochaser. He gets captured by Slammer.
Family is never shown. Has a little sister, parents, and seemingly other siblings.
Ladies' man who has many girlfriends who are apparently all lonely, according to one. Interested in girls and initially flirts with many, but ultimately becomes committed to a relationship
Has "Oh my!" as a personal catch phrase Utters "Oh my!" once, in response to an electric shock but his catchphrase is Hotshot'
Last in a consecutive line of non-Sentai Yellow starting from ChangeMermaid; 4th overall. First ever non-Yellow Ranger of Earth, first overall.
First appeared as an anti-hero. First appeared as a hero.
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