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This page highlights the differences between the Hurricanegers and the Ninja Storm Rangers.

Ninja Storm Rangers


Hurricanegers Ninja Storm Rangers
Teamed up with Gaorangers in Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger. Didn't team up with the Wild Force Rangers, possibly because it was never adapted directly from the movie.
Kouta / HurricaneYellow has the ability to multiply 5 more of himself. Dustin / Yellow Wind Ranger has the ability to duplicate himself.
Oboro is a woman and she is daughter of Mugensai, and Asuka is a mysterious foreigner. Cam is a man and he is the son of Sensei Kanoi.
Oboro was never Ranger. Cam became a Power Ranger thanks to time travel.
Shurikenger has weapons Shuriken's Bat and several balls. Cam's arsenal makes no references to baseball
Asuka is killed by Sandaaru and after by Satarakura and loses the powers. Cam never dies, but loses the samurai amulet by Lothor, only being able to use it one last time along side the Dino Thunder Rangers
Teamed up with RyukiIcon-crosswiki & KnightIcon-crosswiki Never allied with Dragon KnightIcon-crosswiki & Wing KnightIcon-crosswiki
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