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This page highlights the differences between Hundred-Faced High Priest Chaos and Sledge.


Hundred-Faced High Priest Chaos


Chaos Sledge
Chaos is a dark priest, second-in-command of the Deboth Army, and was born from the cells of his master Deboth. Sledge is the strongest and most feared intergalactic bounty hunter in the universe and the undisputed leader of a crew of alien warriors, comprised almost entirely of captured outlaws.
He was never afraid of anyone nor even his master. The only one who Sledge is supposedly afraid of is Lord Arcanon.
Chaos has no regards for or relationships with Joyful Knight Candelilla other than being her master. Sledge and Poisandra are enamored and considering engagement and marriage.
Chaos is the older brother of Torin. Sledge is only related to Keeper as an arch-enemy. He has no connections to Zenowing.
Chaos was wise and calculating in his operation, always concocting multifaceted plans. Sledge has a short temper and rarely fights the Rangers, largely depending on his goons to do the job.
Chaos maintains his strength and powers even after being aged for millennia. Sledge's body has aged after 65 million years and it has affected his fighting prowess as a bounty hunter.
Remained the main villain for the whole series. Position was never given to Neo-Geildon. After his defeat at the end of the first season, Heckyl and Snide takes over as the main villains, before being joined by Lord Arcanon and rejoined by Sledge.
Chaos' master was Transcendenterfly God Deboth. Sledge's employer was Lord Arcanon.
He commanded Debo Yanasanta and his three brothers to create four Deboth clones to attack the world during Christmas. Sledge himself hid the six surviving offspring of Greenzilla for his master plan and endgame.
Had deemed Candelilla, Luckyuro, & Aigaron as failures and had wanted them to be killed. The only subordinate that he had ever threatened to destroy was Wrench for one of his failures with Shearfear, but was spared when Fury found out about the Purple Energem. Though occasionally he would threaten Fury with disposing him as well if should he fail. He would later backstab Snide since he deemed him no longer of use to him.
He created Icerondo and Killborero to replace Candelilla, Aigaron, and Luckyuro. He's never had any intention of replacing anyone in his crew and the Musician Duo are Lord Arcanon's generals. And Scumlaw was just a monster of the day.
He would never betray his master, Deboth. He betrayed his employer, Arcanon.
He was destroyed by Torin, Ramirez, Tessai, and Candelilla.

He never battles against the Ninningers.

He was sucked into a black hole in the former timeline along with his ship and his crew.

His final fate was being taken up into space in giant form when James Navarro, Prince Phillip III, Kendall Morgan, Zenowing, and Heckyl took over his ship and drove it into the sun. However, he, Wrench and Poisandra are revealed to have survived this defeat in Super Ninja Steel.

Met the survivors of Galaxy Warriors

He is then finally blown up along with Poisandra and Wrench when Koda leaves a bomb on the Warrior Dome.

Did not return and take over the Kibaoni Army Corps. Returned as the final villain of Super Ninja Steel and then made a show to replace Galaxy Warriors.
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