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This page highlights the differences between Hundred-Faced High Priest Chaos and Lord Arcanon.

Hundred-Faced High Priest Chaos
Lord Arcanon


Chaos Arcanon
Is a priest and the right hand of Transcendenterfly God Deboth the main villain of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. Is a violent warlord and the fourth villain boss to appear after Sledge, Heckyl and Snide.
Second in-command of the entire Deboth Army. Was formerly Sledge's employer and Singe's master who for a while took over the ship members.
He has a calm, intelligent, and calculating personality. He has a megalomaniacal, sadistic, and intimidating personality.
Had been possessed by Deboth's soul after his first defeat by the Kyoryugers. Has no connection to Greenzilla other than being an outlaw. He has however in two occasions mutated into a more hideous monster using the Dark Energem's power.
Held no connection to Neo-Geildon. Was indirectly responsible for making Heckyl evil and creating Snide with the Dark Energem.
Did not destroy any planet in particular other than attempted to destroy Earth. Has destroyed Heckyl's homeworld, Sentai 6.
Did not harness the power of Deathryuger but simply used him to bring destruction by creating the dark melody along with Kyosei Kamitsuki Gattai SpinoDai-Oh. Has already obtained the Dark Energem from the planet Sentai 6 and used its powers to corrupt his victims into his minions.
He can regenerate his left shoulder spike, he just chose not to because he wanted to make Torin suffer a similar fate. He possessed no such ability to regenerate.
Forced Torin into being evil for a short time and then made his clone, Mad Torin, who was quickly destroyed. Forced Zenowing into being his minion by touching the Dark Energem and created his dark half, Doomwing, who served him for 65,000,000 years before being split from Zenowing and destroyed.
Was Torin's brother. Is not related to Keeper but is only related to Zenowing for being his old enemy and source for Doomwing for 65,000,000 Years ago.
Used Great Land Devil Gadoma to destroy the Kyoryugers and the Zyudenryu. Had no connections to Heckyl and Snide's Megazord, Fortress but rather fought against it with the Plesio Charge Megazord: Pachy-Rex Formation alongside Singe and Doomwing during a power struggle.
Never fought against Neo-Geildon. Fought and then defeated Heckyl and Snide in battle before taking back his outlaws for his army.
Only was inside Zyudenryu Bragigas to confront Torin and Yayoi Ulshade. He did not take control any of the Zyudenryu other than weakening them with Gadoma. Took control of the Plesio Charge Megazord: Pachy-Rex Formation and later the Dino Charge Megazord: Tri-Stego Formation to combat against Snide piloting Fortress.
He created both New Joyful Knight Killborero and New Sorrowful Knight Icerondo to replace Candelilla, Luckyuro and Aigaron. He recruited the Musician Duo to fill in as generals after Doomwing's death.
Enhanced form was granted when Deboth possessed him. Enhanced form was granted when he combined himself with the Dark Energem.
Strongest attack (whilst possessed by Deboth himself) was the HorobireBurst Bullet. Strongest attack (when the Dark Energem empowered him)
Made himself grow. Grown by the Magna Beam at his command.
He was saved by Endolf, Icerondo, and Killborero from Gigant Kyoryuzin in order to flee to the Frozen Castle. He was defeated by Dino Charge Ultrazord and fell in the forest somewhere, attempting to retrieve the Dark Energem but failing because his ex-employee Sledge returned and took it.
He was destroyed by Torin, Ramirez, Tessai, and Candelilla. He was defeated and destroyed with his crew by Sledge, Poisandra, Fury, Wrench, Curio, and Snide.
Destroyed by Daigo along with the Deboth core. Destroyed by the other villain's main firepower.
Final words were screaming about how Candelilla was as dangerous as he believed. Final words were him questioning Snide's loyalties.
100 years later, he was resurrected as a new leader of the Deboth Army, named Thousand-Faced High Priest Gaos by Remorseful Knight Arslevan. After the Rangers had changed the past by destroying Sledge's Crew, Arcanon still lives and is still after the Dark Energem on Sentai 6, but he is destroyed offscreen with his crew by Zenowing and Heckyl to prevent the theft of the Dark Energem.
Appeared in 36 episodes, 2 movies and 1 stage show. Appeared only in 5 episodes.
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