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This page highlights the differences between Hitman Mad Blast and Fatcatfish.

Hitman Mad Blast
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Mad Blast Fatcatfish
Mad Blast was a hitman hired in the future by Don Dolnero to kill Yuri's family. Fatcatfish was a bounty hunter with no prior relation to Ransik's gang.
Mad Blast encountered by Yuri when it killed her family. Fatcatfish encountered by Jen when it hurt Alex before both arrested him.
Mad Blast released by Gien to cause chaos outside Dolnero's desire for money. Fatcatfish released by Ransik to kill the Time Force Rangers.
Mad Blast had no connection with Lila. Fatcatfish became a lackey of Nadira who forces him to spend all the pay he just got from Ransik on her selfish needs; abandoning him once all spent out.
Mad Blast allied with Gien and worked alongside him. Fatcatfish was hated by Frax for disrespecting robots and using Cyclobots for target practice; even forcing him into a battle with Ransik and Jen to eliminate him secretly.
TimePink tried to kill him as revenge for what he did to her family. Jen tries to kill him due to being a criminal.
Mad Blast was not killed due to being revealed to be merely a hitman and not the one behind plotting the death of Yuri's family. Fatcatfish was not killed due to Jen being talked down by the other Time Force Rangers.
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