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Red Buster/Beast Morphers Red

This page highlights the differences between Hiromu Sakurada and Devon Daniels.

Red Buster
Beast Morphers Red


Hiromu Devon
Hiromu preceded by Captain Marvelous. Devon appeared 6 years after Troy Burrows.
Hiromu appeared 3 years before Takaharu Igasaki. Devon preceded by Brody Romero.
Hiromu succeeded by Daigo Kiryu. Devon appeared 4 years after Tyler Navarro.
Hiromu appeared concurrently with Jayden Shiba, the Red Samurai Ranger, and briefly Troy Burrows (but as Megaforce Red). Devon appears concurrently with Koh, the Red Ranger of the Ryusoulgers and Juru Atsuta, the Red Ranger of Kiramagers.
Hiromu has a Ranger Key. Devon does not have a ranger key.
Debuted in Gokaiger vs Gavan. Devon debuted in a Boom Studios! Comic.
Hiromu was a member of EMC prior to becoming Red Buster. Devon was not a member of Grid Battleforce prior to becoming the Red Ranger.
Hiromu activates Go-Buster Ace and Go-Buster Oh’s finisher with his Morphin Brace. Devon activates the Racer Zord Battle Mode and the Beast-X Megazord’s finisher with the Cheetah Beast Blaster.
Hiromu's weakpoint activates when he confronts, or just simply sees or hears anything related to chickens due to him having Alektorophobia caused a psychological childhood trauma of being brutally attacked by said animal and because of a special program uploaded into him by His father. Devon's weakpoint activates when he confronts dogs due to being linked with Cheetah DNA which was partially corrupted by the Evox Virus causing this weakpoint (and since cheetahs are part of the feline lineage as cats, and cats are scared of dogs).
Other than the Powered Custom mode, he has no other modes. He can access the Beast-X Mode and his Battlizer, Fury Mode.
Teamed up with the Gokaigers Never teamed up with the Super Mega Rangers
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