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This page highlights the differences between High Priest Saw and Jaws of Destruction.
High Priest Saw
Jaws of Destruction


High Priest Saw Jaws of Destruction
High Priest Saw was a high ranking Gorma executive, being even higher in the hierarchy than Shadam. Jaws of Destruction as a simple monster of the week created from a wood shop saw.
Like all Gorma, he was a human capable of taking a monster form.
High Priest Saw had a minion named Iron Face Zhang Liao, who later turned out to be Ryu Ranger's father. Jaws of Destruction had no minions other than Z-Putties.
High Priest Saw was the first villain to be killed by Dairen'oh. Jaws of Destruction was one of the last monsters to be created by Lord Zedd before getting married to Rita Repulsa.
High Priest Saw was very old, which would explain why he was not as skilled in battle against Dairenoh as later, far lower ranking Gorma. No reason was given for his faring poorly against the Thunder Megazord, never landing a hit.
Final words were him in disbelief about his own death. Final words were a long list of insufferable saw related puns.
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