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This page highlights the differences between Great King Mons Drake of the Planet and Admiral Malkor.
Great King Mons Drake of the Planet
Admiral Malkor


Mons Drake Admiral Malkor
Attacked Gosei World before focusing on Earth due to being used in Brajira's plans. Attacked Earth due to the desire of conquest of the Insectoids and the need to further expand the reach of his kind throughout the galaxy.
Was used by Brajira, in order to hide his identity as a fallen Gosei Angel. Was used by Vrak, in order to prove himself to his royal family.
Wields the Drake Tomahawk in battle. Massive ax is never named.
Has electrocuted Buredoran at one point. Has never disciplined Vrak other than scolding him.
Has an ability called Gravity Fall (which is his deadliest attack) in which he uses the dark matter in his body to cause a nearby satellite to impact the planet he's currently located on. Uses it in Act 12 to make the moon collide with Earth but fails. No such ability to make anything collide with planets, only going down to Earth himself in his final appearance. The equivalent was Malkor's Cosmic Stream as it was his strongest attack and vaporized the Ranger's Zords.
Never knew about the existence of the Yuumajuu, Matrintis, the Erurei BoxGosei Knight, or the Space Empire Zangyack. He has a secret form and then dies in his last battle in Epic 15.

Recruits Bigs and Bluefur through Vrak's behalf after Creepox's death; knows about Robo Knight, the Aurora Box, the Toxic Mutants, the Robots, and the Armada. He cocoons himself to become even more powerful and is then defeated in his last battle in The Human Condition.

He was killed by the destruction of his spaceship due to being hit by Hyper Gosei Great. His defeat caused the destruction of his spaceship.
Has last appeared as a ghost along with Makuin, Kinggon, and Robogorg as they've attempted to shoot at Brajira of the Messiah until being blown away; later works with Kinggon and Robogorg within Makuu Space. Is last mentioned by Troy alongside Creepox while fighting Vrak for the final time, assuring he would be defeated just like them.
Indirectly connected to the Zangyack Empire, due to allying himself with Makuu Prison Warden Ashurada and later the Shocker-Zangyack Alliance during Kamen Rider x Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen. He is a high ranking member of The Armada, who is in charge of his branch faction, the Warstar Army.
Mons Drake attempts to replace Dereputa after his supposed death with Targate of the Satellite. But his death, causes him to be so furious, he decides to personally end the interference of the Goseigers with his plan in Epic 15. Malkor recruits the Toxic Beasts immediately following Creepox's death and it's not until the episodes leading to their defeat does Malkor decide to go to Earth himself, but calmly enters his power-increasing cocoon first. Targate does not have a counterpart.
Great King Mons Drake of the Planet is among the main villainous powerhouses of Tensou Sentai Goseiger but not the strongest among them and is rivaled and/or exceeded later on at the series. Admiral Malkor is, unquestionably, the second most powerful warrior, and villain, in Power Rangers Megaforce, drastically exceeding all of his allies (With the exception of Vrak and Mavro) and being on a class of his own even before cocooning.
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