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This page highlights the differences between Grand Witch Grandiene and Queen Bansheera.

Grand Witch Grandiene
Queen Bansheera


Grand Witch Grandiene Queen Bansheera
Mother to all the main antagonists excluding the family servant Pierre. Mother to Impus/Olympius only.
Never cared about any of her children and originally set them out to die after Gill's betrayal. Cares more about her palace than her son.
Used her children to bring herself into the human world and will betray or control them if necessary. Willing to manipulate and control her son and servants so she can re-obtain her palace.
Used the evil energies the Psyma have gathered to regain her full body, But she never had to sacrifice and absorb the energies of her own daughter Denus. Sacrificed and absorbed the energies of her female general Vypra to regain her full body.
Fought a giant battle against the GoGoFive resulting in her body being destroyed by the Max Victory Robo. Briefly fought a giant battle against the Lightspeed Megazord before retreating, since the Lightspeed Rangers never used the Lightspeed Solarzord, Bansheera's body was never destroyed and therefore never goes back to being a spirit.
Possessed the bodies of her two strongest children Zylpheeza and Salamandes after turning them into Gods of Destruction to use as a replacement for her body. Turned Diabolico and her son Olympius into Super Demons under her control which she used against the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers before they were destroyed by the Lifeforce Megazord.
Killed in the end when Zylpheeza II and Salamandes Dragon were destroyed resulting in her spirit exploding in Earth's upper atmosphere. Survived the Super Demons' destruction to enact her true final plan; in the end, was sealed away in the Shadow World with Diabolico assisting the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers in sealing her away. Final fate unknown. (Presumed destroyed off-screen by Revenants of Shadow World or by Diabolico).
Lived for 4 billion years making her the oldest Sentai character in existence. Lived for 5,000 years.
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