This article is about a/an comparison of Zords in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Dairen'oh and Thunder Megazord.

MMPR Thundermegazord

Dairen'oh/Thunder Megazord


Dairen'oh Thunder Megazord
Mecha are non-mechanical sentient beasts called Chi Beasts, which are based on creatures of Chinese mythology. The Thunderzords are fully robotic constructs, displaying no sentience whatsoever. The Zords themselves are based on creatures from western mythology.
RyuSeiOh, the red Dragon mecha fought on its own for the first five episodes. The rest of the Chi Beasts appeared in the sixth episode. All five Thunderzords appeared together during their debut.
Its combined form appeared in episode 8. The Thunder Megazord was formed immediately after the Thunderzord's debut.
Has no ties to Daizyujin and the Guardian Beasts, as they are separate entities. The Thunderzords are upgraded forms of the old Dinozords.
Lion is the Green Ranger's mecha. Lion is the Black Ranger's mecha.
The Lion was able to perform a special illusion technique that could confuse its victim. The Lion did not seem to possess any offensive ability on its own.
Blue mecha is based on a pegasus. Blue zord is based on a unicorn.
Yellow mecha is based on a qilin. Yellow zord is based on a griffin.
Has the Dai Javelin, a speared polearm combined from Sei Houou's tail with the RyuSeiOh's staff. The use of a javelin was cut out from the MMPR episodes, but was included in the American toy versions.
Never fought against Guardian Beast Dragon Caesar. Battled the Dragonzord when it was controlled by Tom Oliver (which was achieved through splicing together footage).

Reappeared 50 years into the future to help the future Dairangers fight a renewed Gorma threat. Did not battle against Gashadokuro.

Was destroyed by Rito Revolto at the start of the third Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season.
Is the only giant robo named as such. Shared a name with Thunder Megazord (Ninja Storm).
Fought alongside Muteki Shogun, Daizyuzin, and two preceding Sentai Team mecha during Super Sentai World. Also contributed its power to help defeat Lost Highness Rakushaasa, a battle in which Mythical Chi Beast RyuseiOh also participated. Never fought alongside Zords from other series, and the Megazord was the only Megazord to proceed the Thunder Megazord.
Took part in the mecha battle against Black Cross Colossus and joined Engine-O and Gekisou Gattai RV Robo against Crime Minister Yogoshimacritein. Was not involved in Legendary Battle or any confrontations with the Venjix Virus.
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