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This page highlights the differences between Gorma Tribe and Evil Space Aliens.

Gorma Tribe
Evil Space Aliens


Gorma Tribe Evil Space Aliens
Led by Gorma Emperor XV with multiple generals, such as the Gorma Triumvirate and Akomaru; ultimately revealed to be controlled by Lieutenant Colonel Shadam through clay dolls. Led by Lord Zedd, taking his role of leader back from Rita Repulsa, who later tried to get revenge by making Zedd fall in love with her.
The main villain, Gorma Emperor XV, mostly kept to the background, leaving the command of the fight against the Dairangers to Shadam. The main villain, Lord Zedd, actively executed evil plans against the Power Rangers.
Were a tribe of humans with magical powers residing on earth. Were aliens that resided on the moon.
In their natural state, most of them possessed a normal human appearance. Aside from Rita, most of the aliens resembled monsters in appearance.
The monsters were humans able to transform willingly into monsters. Most of the monsters were transformed from objects or animals hit by Lord Zedd´s magic.
Each of them carried an Enlargment Bomb which they could use to grow. Grew by using grenades that Zedd sent down to them.
Did not own the Daijinryuu, as it is a neutral god guarding the harmony of the universe.

In fact, most of them were destroyed by Daijinryuu when it realized the Gorma were endangering the harmony of the universe.

Owned Serpentera, who, in this universe, is a giant Zord actually piloted by Lord Zedd on multiple occasions.

Because of this, Serpentera posed no threat to the Evil Space Aliens whatsoever.

Were revealed to have survived in the finale, where the grandchildren of the Dairangers are seen fighting one of their new monsters, restarting the war between the Dairanger and Gorma, 50 years after the events of the series proper. Only survived through Thrax, the son of Rita and Zedd who attacks later; all others wiped out or, in case of Rita and Zedd, redeemed, with Rita ultimately becoming the Mystic Mother.
Were completely new villains unrelated to previous Sentai series. Apart from Lord Zedd, all of them were carried over from the first season of Power Rangers.
Has no connection to the Bandora Gang, Youkai Army Corps, Machine Empire Baranoia, Space Bosozoku Bowzock or Wicked Electric Kingdom Nezirejia. This faction is part of the United Alliance of Evil, which consists of the Evil Space Aliens, Machine Empire, Divatox's Crew and Astronema's forces.
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