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This page highlights the differences between Gorma Minions and Mighty Morphin 2 Monsters.

Gorma Minions
Mighty Morphin 2 Monsters


Gorma Mighty Morphin 2 Monsters
Ancient tribe of humans who achieved the power to turn into monstrous forms. They were able to switch between human and monster forms at will.

Created by Lord Zedd by turning animals and inanimate objects into monsters with dark magic. None of them possessed a human form.

Appeared to be cycloptic humanoids that resembled inanimate objects; although there were a few exceptions. Many of Zedd's monsters were cycloptic humanoids; though there were many that did not have this trait and some monsters were animal themed or just simply humanoid.
Some were defeated by the Super Chi-Power Bazooka and never faced the Howling Cannon. Some were defeated with the Power Cannon and occasionally the former Power Blaster.
Each of them held a Gorma Enlargement Bomb in their possession, which they used on their own initiative. From his palace on the moon, Lord Zedd materializes a grenade in his hand and threw it to the monster on earth when he wanted it to grow.
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