This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between the Gokaigers and the Super Mega Rangers.

Super Mega Rangers


Gokaigers Mega Rangers
Gokaiger suits are primary Ranger forms, not upgrades of Goseiger suits. Super Megaforce suits are not the primary Ranger forms (only for Enhancement Mode, first being Ultra Mode).
Are a pirate crew formed from around the universe. Are normal teenagers with a pirate theme for their Super Mega Mode, though it is never commented on.
Consists of 5 rangers from other planets, and one ranger from Earth. Has 5 Earth rangers, and one from another planet.
Live on the Gokai Galleon. Are presumably living at their homes on Earth and only summon the Sky Ship for battle or extended travel.
Had to collect their Ranger Keys from around the universe and from Basco ta Jolokia. Have most if not all Legendary Ranger Keys at their disposal from the start.
Are being told to seek out past Sentai by Navi or bumping into them. Most Legendary Rangers are seen approaching the Mega Rangers up front to help them master their team's powers.
Are looking for the Greatest Treasure in the Universe, and were originally not fighting Zangyack for Earth. Are fending off the The Armada from completely taking over Earth.
Didn't appear in the Great Legend War The rangers appeared in the Legendary Battle in the normal modes, but not their Super Mega Modes.
Meet the successor or future teams (Go-Busters, Kyoryugers, Toqgers, Ninningers & Zyuohgers) during movie team-ups or special episodes. Ciara Hanna worked with Brennan Mejia on a fan film. This was originally thought to be them during the shooting of Dimensions in Danger, of which she was also rumored to be apart of. 
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