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This page highlights the differences between Giganoid 4: Resurrection and Fossilador.

Giganoid 4: Resurrection
Giganoid -4


Giganoid 4: Resurrection Fossilador
Like all other Giganoids, this monster lacked the ability to speak. Had the ability to speak.
Belonged to the Giganoids; A group of non-sentient monsters that start already giant. They were created by Voffa via using a magical organ. Was a normal monster, starting out in human size.
Didn't have any special abilities beside expelling miasma from his jaws and regenerating his body parts. Beside expelling miasma and regenerating, he also had ability to hypnotize.
Giganoid created from the discovered fossils of a friend of Ryunosuke Sugishita Denjiro. Monster created from a previous experiment of Tommy Oliver and Anton Mercer to create a mind-controlling dinosaur.
AbareYellow and Ptera initially refused to fight, both due to it being a dinosaur and for the sake of Denjiro's childhood dream, before Denjiro later chose to give up on it. Kira initially did not fight due to being brainwashed and knocked unconscious by it before she was later freed with the help of the Pterazord.
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