This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Giganoid 11: Inextinguishable and Jade Gladiator.

Giganoid 11: Inextinguishable
Jade Gladiator


Giganoid 11: Inextinguishable Jade Gladiator
Like all other Giganoids, this monster lacked the ability to speak. Had the ability to speak.
Belonged to the Giganoids; A group of non-sentient monsters that start already giant. They are created by Voffa via using a magical organ. Was a normal monster created by Mesogog from a plant, starting out in human size.
Was a pilotable mecha based on KillerOh and given to Mikoto as a replacement for it, as his Bakuryuu deserted him. Was an organic monster that could not be piloted. No connection with the DinoStegazord was ever made.
Its true purpose was to draw out the earthen half of Dezumozorlya from Mikoto, allowing it to take over earth. Was just a monster send out to destroy the Power Rangers.
Had the power to resurrect other Giganoids, using this ability to summon Giganoid 9: Miracle and Giganoid 10: Tragic. Had the power to resurrect and even create entirely new monsters, using this to resurrect Deadwood and create Skortch. (Note: In contrast to its Japanese counterpart, Skortch never appeared in the show before being summoned by Jade Gladiator, making it look like Jade Gladiator created Skortch.)
Appeared in two episodes Appeared in one episode
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