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This page highlights the differences between Gien and Frax.

"Nameless Boy"/Gien
Dr. Louis Fericks/Frax


Gien Frax
Gien was originally a boy who befriended Don Dolnero whose brain was transferred to a robot body to save his life after he was badly injured for refusing to reveal Dolnero's location. Frax was originally a scientist who tried to cure Ransik's poisoning; nearly killed by the mutant, survives by converting his body into a robot.
Gien goes insane due to his mind's transfer to his robot body. Frax holds a grudge towards Ransik due to the past and desires for robots to control Earth instead of humans or mutants.
Dolnero treats him very kindly, until Gien's growing insanity pushes them apart. Ransik treats him like trash. His relationship with Gluto was never developed into.
Dolnero is aware of his growing insanity and love of destruction and that he had been letting prisoners out of the Hell's Gate. Ransik was unaware that he was plotting against him until he destroyed Ransik's serum, nor did he know where Frax was getting the X-Vault mutants.
Dolnero had a spirit key to keep him under control if he got out of hand. Was freed from its influence by Captain Ryuya. Was eventually reprogrammed to be obedient to Ransik. Was not freed from Ransik's control by Alex.
Gien breaks away from Dolnero and works towards becoming the God of Destruction. He later kills Dolnero and serves as the show's final villain. Frax breaks away from Ransik, but was later recaptured and his memories of being human were erased on Ransik's orders. Later destroyed before the Time Force Ranger's final battle with Ransik.
Gien wanted to get control of G-Zord. Frax created Dragontron.
Gien made no attempts to convert human into Junk Droid Zenitts. Frax attempted to transform humans into Cyclobots with the aid of a mutant.
Gien's robot body dissolved into dust upon death. Frax's robot body broke apart upon death.
Gien is not known to have created any Rangers. Frax allegedly created Vesper Vasquez.
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