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This page highlights the differences between The Gedoshu and The Nighloks



Gedoshu Nighloks
The Gedoshu were led by a samurai warlord named, Dokoku Chimatsuri, who drinks sake and is usually calm, and can get angry when his generals fail him. He was later killed and overthrown by a Gedoshu General named, Akumaro Sujigarano, due to seeing him as an unfit leader of the Gedoshu. The Nighloks were previously led by the Nighlok King named, Serrator, who cursed two humans named, Dayu and Deker and turned them in to Nighloks as a part of the deal to save Deker. A samurai warlord named Master Xandred took his place after he was sealed away by the previous samurai rangers. Master Xandred has headaches, and usually takes medicine to cure them, and is usually angry, rather than calm. He was then killed and overthrown by Serrator, due to wanting control of the Nighloks again.
Had a Gedoshu warrior named, Manpuku Aburame, who is the leader of the Kusare Gedoshu, and has a henchmen named, Azemidoro. Had a Nighlok warrior named, General Gut, who is one of Master Xandred's best, and most loyal warriors, who temporarily led the Nighloks for a short time in the Clash Of The Red Rangers Movie, but has no henchmen at all.
Was taken over for a brief time by Buredoran of the Chimatsuri in Goseiger vs. Shinkenger, confronting the Goseigers and the Gokaigers as a result. Was never taken over by Vrak, nor did they ever encounter the Mega Rangers.
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