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This page highlights the differences between Fuuka Igasaki and Hayley Foster.

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Ninja Steel White


Fuuka Hayley
Fuuka is related to all the Ninningers except Kinji Takigawa Hayley is not related to other Ninja Steel Rangers other than being team comrades
Fuuka is younger sister of Takaharu Igasaki Hayley is not related to Brody Romero other than being team comrades
She and Nagi Matsuo are cousins. She is dating Calvin Maxwell.
Her mecha has no significance to her character development The Kodiack Zord got its name from Hayley's dog, Kody
Fuuka used the Chozetsu Shoubu Changer in a stage show; involuntarily wore the armor while out of suit on-screen. Haley assumed Lion Fire Mode in the Shattered Grid comic.
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