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This page highlights the differences between Funfilled Spy Luckyuro and Curio.
Funfilled Spy Luckyuro


Luckyuro Curio
Luckyuro first appeared in the first episode. Curio first appeared in the fourth episode.
Luckyuro is female. Curio is male.
Luckyuro is a subordinate to Aigaron, Dogold and Candelilla. Curio is a comrade to Fury, Wrench and Poisandra as one of Sledge's generals, ranking lower than Fury but sharing the same standing as Wrench and Poisandra.
Luckyuro has no creature-creator relationship of with Aigaron; Luckyuro is an Earth native and was created, like all other Deboth members, from Deboth's cells. Curio was crafted in a Frankenstein style from old and recycled monster parts by Wrench.
Luckyuro helps make the Debo Monsters grow with the Restoration Water. Curio has nothing to do with growing the monsters, his only effective purpose being a companion to Poisandra; Sledge instead uses the Magna Beam from his ship to this end.
Luckyuro has a pouch which can store multiple objects. Curio basically has no pouch.
Turned good by the end of the series. Assists the Kyoryugers in team-up episodes.

Does not turn good, and has yet to appear outside Dino Charge.

In the revised timeline, because the rangers traveled to the past to cause Sledge's ship to crash into the sun millions of years before the events of the series, it was believed that Curio was never created.

It is revealed that  original timeline's version of Sledge's crew, Curio included, were sucked not into a black hole but a dimensional wormhole.  His fate is unknown after the destruction of the Warrior Dome (with Sledge, Wrench, and Poisandra aboard; Curio and Fury were not seen in this episode.) 

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