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This page highlights the differences between First Spear, Furabiijo and Marah.

First Spear, Furabiijo


Furabiijo Marah
Furabiijo was an alien ninja. Marah was a human female ninja.
Furabiijo joined Jakanja due to flunking out of a Space Ninja academy. Marah assisted Lothor being his niece; she and Kapri did once mastermind a plan as part of completing their MBE (Masters in the Business of Evil) degrees.
Furabiijo is partners with Wendinu but they are not related, and she has no relation to any Hurricaneger. Marah is related to Kapri and Cameron Watanabe.
Furabiijo appeared to be killed after being used by Boss Tau Zant only to be sent to Dino Earth. Marah survived after Lothor's fall and ends up joining the ninja academy with Kapri.
Furabiijo briefly assists Time Demon God Chronos against the Boukenger and a squad of Veteran Rangers. Marah never allied with Thrax or encountered any Rangers beyond Dino Thunder, including the Overdrive Rangers.
Furabiijo has no lookalikes that she ever encounters. Marah has a lookalike who lives in Reefside.
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