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This page highlights the differences between Final Scroll: Wind, Water, and Earth and Storm Before the Calm.

Hurricaneger Ep. 51
Ninja Storm Ep. 37-38


Wind, Water, and Earth Storm Before the Calm
The creation of the Evil Will's universe is reversed by the Hurricanegers plunging in and shooting the Angry Arrow from the other side with Senpuujin's Hurry Up. The Abyss of Evil is reversed with the Wind Rangers unleashing their power onto Lothor, throwing him in and overwhelming the abyss with evil energy to the point that it implodes in on itself.
No member of the Jakanja presumably survives; though the Evil Will takes the form of Tau Zant and the Seven Dark Spears during the final battle. Marah and Kapri survive due to Cameron taking pity on his cousins with them ultimately enrolling at the Wind Academy; the generals all seemingly return but go away when the Abyss of Evil is sealed and Lothor is killed when he's thrown into the crack.
The Hurricaneger graduate from their academy to pursue other pursuits: Yousuke Shiina becoming a worker for hire, Nanami Nono an idol and Kouta Bitou a medical worker. The Wind Rangers graduate from their academy, becoming its new teachers while possibly pursuing other elements such as Dustin Brooks becoming a motocross freestyle performer.
The Gouraiger graduate with the Hurricaneger due to their school being annihilated prior and become skilled laborers. The Thunder Rangers graduate with the Wind Rangers as a formality with Blake gaining a motocross racing contract.
Sensei Mugensai Hinata returns to being human due to finally remembering the reversal spell that prevented him from changing back from a hamster. Sensei Kanoi Watanabe returns to being human due to remembering the spell to change himself from a guinea pig after Lothor's forces assault and destroy Ninja Ops.
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