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This page highlights the differences between Final Ep.: Seize It! Our Diplomas and Countdown to Destruction.

Megaranger Episode 50
In Space Ep. 42-43


Seize It! Our Diplomas Countdown to Destruction
Last episode of a three-part story arc. Official two-part episode.
The Wicked Electric Kingdom Nezirejia threat is ended upon Dr. Hinelar's death, though later events would reveal one last survivor who was later dealt with. The United Alliance of Evil was defeated and their human-themed members were purified by Zordon's Energy Wave to become fully human, though Lord Zedd would later become villain again in a non-canon video game.
Dr. Hinelar is killed with no chance of ever redeeming himself. Despite her apparent death, Astronema would revert back to Karone and reform, eventually becoming a Power Ranger herself in the next season.
The Mega Winger was last seen collapsing in the I.N.E.T. Moonbase, and though Yuusaku Hayakawa was seen at his teammates' graduation, the Mega Winger's final fate is unknown. The Mega Winger was badly damaged in battle and was later mentioned to have been destroyed, and later Zhane mentioned it was in the shop being repaired.
Yugande had already been destroyed. Ecliptor appeared and was later destroyed by Zordon's Energy Wave.
The Mega Voyager is destroyed here. The Mega Voyager had already been destroyed.
Death Neziro is destroyed after becoming Grand Neziro. The Dark Fortress is not shown to be destroyed after the battle and has no relation to Tankenstein.
The Megarangers had been at odds with the townspeople for awhile after their secret identities were previously exposed due to the unintentional destruction the Megarangers bring to their lives, though a few people in their High School start a rally to cheer them on, successfully contributing to the Megaranger's final victory. The Space Rangers expose their secret identities in this episode and despite some confusion, the townspeople of Angel Grove fight alongside them successfully with no issues whatsoever, allowing them to repel the invasion force together.
Professor Eikichi Kubota is attacked and nearly killed by Dr. Hinelar before rescued by the Megarangers. He also was very upset when the Megarangers nearly sacrificed themselves before learning they were alive. Zordon sacrificed himself to stop the United Alliance of Evil and though Andros was hesitant to destroy him, ultimately he reluctantly agreed to do so.
The core Megarangers officially graduate from Moroboshi High School. The four Space Rangers that attended Angel Grove High School had already graduated at some point offscreen earlier.
The Galaxy Mega was immobile due to the results of heavy damage from the last battle. The Astro Megaship was fully functional as the damage from their last battle with the Astro Megazord had been repaired.
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