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This page highlights the differences between Final Chapter: Tomorrow's Legends and Grunchor on the Loose.

Gingaman Ep. 50
Lost Galaxy Ep. 37


Tomorrow's Legends Grunchor on the Loose
Fiftieth and series finale episode. Thirty-seventh and regular episode.
The Earth Demon Beast was created from the remains of Demon Beast Daitanix. Grunchor was not related to Titanisaur and Titanisaur was destroyed four episodes later.
The Gingaman themselves realize they need to use fire to defeat the Earth Demon Beast. Deviot reveals to the Lost Galaxy Rangers about using fire to defeat Grunchor.
The need to use fire to destroy the Earth Demon Beast was necessary to incinerate it's body completely to prevent any remains that could grow into a new Demon Beast. The need to use fire to destroy Grunchor was implied to be its natural weakness and the only way to destroy it.
The Earth Demon Beast was the last major monster in the series. Grunchor was a mere monster of the week and several monsters would be used after him.
Captain Zahab is the only main villain left at this point, as the rest of his Generals have fallen. Captain Mutiny still has the support of Deviot and Barbarax.
After Hyuuga uses BullTaurus to attack Rowdy Invincible Castle, Zahab is forced to abandon it and fight Hyuuga elsewhere. After Mike Corbett uses Defender Torozord to attack Mutiny's Castle, Mutiny is forced to detach it from Grunchor and Mike is not seen for the rest of the battle.
Ryouma is implied to be endangering his life by over-using his fire-based powers before the other Gingamen offer to donate their power to give him a power boost. Leo Corbett is implied to using up too much of his fire-based powers before the other Lost Galaxy Rangers decide to help donate their power to give him a power boost.
After the Gingamen defeat the Earth Demon Beast, they alongside Hyuuga face against Captain Zahab one last time before destroying him for good in an all-out battle. The Lost Galaxy Rangers do not fight against Captain Mutiny after Grunchor's destruction and he is instead destroyed by Trakeena five episodes later.
The Ginga Forest is revived following the final battle. Mirinoi is not restored in this episode but later would be in the three-part series finale.
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