This page highlights the differences between Ferocious Knight D and Badussa.

Ferocious Knight D
Ferocious Knight D
Ferocious Knight D


Ferocious Knight D Badussa
Was a movie monster who made 1 appearance in the series proper. Was a monster in the show who only made one appearance.
Was Deathryuger, forced partner of Tobaspino. Lost the ability to become Deathryuger after Tobaspino broke free from his control, reduced to just his monster form. Did not become The Dark Ranger. Nor did he pilot the Spino Zord, but he was the first monster to be fought by it as well as the only Outlaw to fight it.
Did not have any powers to turn people to stone and did not have a primary power His amulet could turn people to stone. He did so for all the Rangers except Shelby, James Navarro, and Prince Phillip, who dodged it and later created the Spinozord.
Signature attack as Deathryuger was the Demon Movement Deboss Finish (an energised boomerang energy slash) and the Final Movement Deboss Finish (energising his sword and then flinging forth an energy head version of Tobaspino) as D. Signature attack was his Badussa Beast Bite (charging up his sword with purple energy in the form of the Spinozord's head for some reason). Did not have a second signature move.
Tobaspino existed before him like the other Zyudenryu and forcibly bonded to D through brainwashing. Powers and abilities led to the creation of the Spino Zord and he never exhibited any control over it.
Mission was to destroy the world and the Kyoryugers by extension. Self-employed with no association to the Deboth. When that failed, now no longer Deathryuger, he just wanted revenge. Mission was to kill the Dino Charge Rangers and turn them to stone so that Sledge could give Poisandra the Energems as a wedding present.
Weakness was the voice of Meeko, a pop singer which severely weakened him. Weakness was having his stone destroyed which severely weakened him.
Initially thought dead after falling out of Tobaspino but later revealed himself to be alive. Thought to be dead after being defeated as a giant.
Made himself grow by splashing himself with Luckyuro's Refreshing Water. Grown by Sledge's Magnabeam.
Words when growing was that he would kill the Kyoryugers even if they killed him. Words upon growing were him claiming that he would destroy them just like he did the Kyoryuger Galaxy.
Final words upon being defeated as a giant were his final words before his death. Final words before being defeated as a giant were him saying that he was at his lowest point. "I've Hit Rock Bottom!"
Defeated by the TenVoltasaur Victory Maximum FInish and enlarged before being killed by Spinodai-Oh's Spinodai-Oh Brave Finish. Survived his destruction as a giant by the Spino Charge Megazord's Spino Boomerang Whirlwind Finish but later killed by the Victory Maximum Final Strike.
Final words were spoken before exploding one final time. Final words were spoken before performing his signature attack right before being taken down and destroyed by the Victory Maximum Final Strike.
Final words were him complaining that, even when dying, he was forced to listen to Mikoto's singing. Final words were him naming his signature attack.
Scheme and subsequent death had little or no impact on the Deboss as a whole. Although his death had no greater effect on Sledge;s crew, his scheme allowed Sledge and his cohorts to use the Dark Energem to generate a black hole to try and suck the Earth into.
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