This page highlights the differences between Fast-Talking Player and Beamcaster.

Fast-Talking Player

Fast-Talking Player\Beamcaster


Fast Talking Player Beamcaster
Appeared in two episodes. Appeared in one episode.
Had an arrogant and egotistical personality. Had a radio DJ like personality.
Preexisting Gorma Minion. Created from Bulk's energy output meter and a fishing pole that belonged to Skull's father.
Worked for all three of the Gorma Triumvirate and not just Shadam. Worked exclusively for Lord Zedd and did not work for Rita or Goldar.
Scheme involved blasting children down with his bombs and then kidnapping them with his fishing rod to work for the Triumvirate and open the gates of Hell to increase their powers. Scheme involved brainwashing the Rangers and the citizens of Angel Grove into Zedd's slaves. Did not involve boosting his or Zedd's power.
Retreated after being defeated by his own dynamite. Never retreated and remained in battle throughout the entire episode. The dynamite was merely used to knock him down and did not force a retreat.
Main powers were his bombs (which detonated if you failed to correctly repeat a tongue twister) and his fishing skills. Did not use hypnosis at any point. Main power was his conductor's baton which could fire so-called Zedd Waves to brainwash the citizens of Angel Grove and even the Power Rangers.
Sent to destroy the Dairanger after Shadam was defeated and the gate to Hell being closed which resulted in his demise. Sent to brainwash the Rangers from the very beginning and died without needing to be sent again.
His second episode featured a powered up Shadam although he wasn't in that battle. Did not appear in the same episode as Mondo the Magician.
Critically injured by Byakkoshinken which enables the Dairangers to destroy him. Critically injured when his own dynamite was thrown back at him. Saba was not used in that particular battle.
Destroyed by the Super Chi-Power Bazooka and not the Howling Cannon. Destroyed by the Power Blaster as the Power Cannon had yet to be introduced
Final words were yet another tongue twister. Final words were him claiming that the Power Rangers were about to be rock and rolled out of existence.
Not made giant due to Shadam being too upset about his recent defeat. Not made giant for unknown reasons.
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