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This page highlights the differences between Evil Spirit Princess Venus and Vypra.

Evil Spirit Princess Venus
Denus Vypra
Denus is Grandiene's only daughter and the only human resembling child. Princess of the Calamity Demon. Vypra is Bansheera's only female demon general; not related to her. Self-proclaimed Princess of Demons.
She is more competent in combat on foot against GoBlue and GoPink, competent enough to disguise herself as human, capable enough to create the Aquatic-Themed Demons, and she sacrifices her own life energy to fully revive her older brother Dark King Zylpheeza. She is wimpy, incapable and incompetent to disguise herself as human, but she drives the Vyprari instead, and She gets killed by Queen Bansheera, who absorbed her life energy to transform into "Ultimate Form".
Denus has rivalry with both GoBlue and GoPink Vypra does not have specific rivalry with the rangers.
Denus can disguise herself as normal human. Vypra has a special vehicle that can be used in battle named Vyprari.
Denus hates Salamandes because he took Zylpheeza's position and he tends to get in the way with her plan(s). Vypa hates Olympius because he betrayed and attempted to kill her and Loki.
Denus resurrected Zylpheeza near the finale after Salamandes's demise. Vypra resurrected Diabolico shortly after Impus became Olympius.
Denus is injured by GoGoFive and sacrifices her own life energy to fully revive Zylpheeza after her and Cobolda's attempts to use Matoi fail, But she did not get siphoned/absorbed by Grand Witch Grandiene, not that she cared that she died. Vypra is killed by Bansheera, who absorbed/siphoned her life energy to transform into "Ultimate Form".
Denus did not appear in the GoGo-V's teamup with the Timeranger since Pierre appeared instead. Vypra appeared in Lightspeed Rescue's teamup with Time Force.
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