This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Escape and the avatar Roxy.

Escape Evolve
Cybervillain Roxy


Escape Roxy
Escape debuted in the 22nd episode of Go-Busters while her Escape Evolve form did it 15 episodes later. Roxy debuted in the first episode of Beast Morphers along with her Cybervillain form.
Escape's suit is a 'monster transformation' and can change at will. Is in purple. Roxy's suit is a Ranger form and has a Morpher. Is in olive greenish yellow.
Escape calls Messiah “Papa” because she sees him as her father. Roxy calls Evox by his name and only sees him as her master.
Escape uses two blasters named Gock and Magock. Roxy uses most of the times one nameless blaster. She can be seen from time to time carrying two.
Escape is an original Vaglass avatar created from the data of Transport Research Center scientists, with Michiko Sakurada being one of them. Roxy is an avatar of Evox created solely from Roxy as the duplicate of the intended Yellow Ranger.
Is Ryuji Iwasaki's rival because Escape wanted to have a good fight with him. Is Ravi Shaw's girlfriend's evil "clone"
Has an arrogant, bubbly, and overbearing personality. Has an arrogant, manipulative, and cunning personality.
Destroyed by her own corrupted coding. Destroyed by Ravi's Beast X Blaster.
Derezzed out of existence. Exploded in a massive purple explosion that unleashed a shockwave strong enough to knock over Ravi,
Never appeared in the opening

Although Liana Ramirez does not get a credit, Roxy appears in a shot with Nate (both unmorphed) in opening 2 of season 1

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