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This page highlights the differences between Ep. 48: The Showdown is at Psyma Paradico and Wrath of the Queen.

GoGo Five Ep. 48
Lightspeed Rescue Ep. 37


The Showdown is at Psyma Paradico Wrath of the Queen
Forty-Eighth episode. Thirty-Seventh episode.
Evil Spirit Princess Venus was killed for good in the last episode. Vypra was killed in this episode, though she would later be temporarily revived.
Grand Witch Grandiene had already restored herself to her full body after previously taking action to do so. Queen Bansheera restores herself to her full body after absorbing Vypra.
Dark King Zylpheeza's reaction killing Beast Baron Cobolda under Grandiene's control was due to the fact he was his younger brother to whom they grew up together. Diabolico's reaction to killing Loki under Bansheera's control is due to the fact Loki was his closest friend.
Zylpheeza dies, though he is later revived as a mindless puppet in the the following episode. Diabolico survives and flees though he is later recaptured and brought under Bansheera's control.
During the battle against Victory Robo, after Grandiene turns invisible, the GoGoFive successfully pinpoint her location before forming the Max Victory Robo in response. During the battle against the Lightspeed Megazord, after Bansheera turns invisible, the Lightspeed Rangers attempt to locate her with their scanners but fail as she had actually escaped and they never got to use the Lightspeed Solarzord.
Grandiene's body is destroyed by the Max Victory Robo, though it was later revealed she went back to being a spirit. As Bansheera had fled the battle, her body was never destroyed, and she never went back to her spirit form.
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