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This page highlights the differences between Ep. 33: The Five Robos' Great Riot and A Golden Homecoming
The Five Robos' Great Riot
A Golden Homecoming


The Five Robos' Great Riot A Golden Homecoming
Riki didn't appear in this episode, nor did he pass on his KingRanger powers to Geki Trey of Triforia transferred his Gold Ranger powers to Jason.
Bacchus Wrath created Super Machine Beasts using the energy of the earth's magma. King Mondo powered up his monsters using a coating of Neo Plutonium.
Bacchus Wrath rebuilt Bara Drill, Bara Saucer, Bara Missiler, Bara Crusher, Bara Vanish, Bara Printer, Bara Magma, Bara Darts, Bara Ivy, and Bara Vacuum for the Super Machine Beast army, but only the first four went through the process while the others were destroyed when Ohranger collapsed the facility. Only Drill Master, Hosehead, Silo, and Mechanizer got Neo Plutonium coatings. Robocupid, Digster, Defoliator, and People Pitcher were not rebuilt for it, while Borax and the Hydro Contaminators weren't part of the Machine Empire.
Bara Missiler was not sent out first, and wasn't grown by Acha and Kocha because he was already giant. Silo was the first monster to attack the rangers, and after shrugging off their arsenal, was grown by Klank and Orbus.
The Choriki Mobiles weren't sent out against the Super Machine Beasts because Ohranger needed to focus on destroying the Super Machine Beast facility. The Zeo Zords weren't dispatched because they would be destroyed against the Neo Plutonium empowered monsters.
The Blocker Robos were created from Choriki technology like all the other robos. The Super Zeo Zords were created from gems empowered with the Gold Ranger's staff.
Ohranger tricked Baranoia into bringing the Blocker Robos into the facility, and destroyed it from within. The Power Rangers did not trick the Machine Empire nor did they attack the Neo Plutonium facility, as all the Neo Plutonium had been used up.
This is the second time Ohranger fight Bara Drill. As the last time Drill Master appeared was in a dream, this is the first time the Power Rangers fight him for real.
This is the second appearance of Bara Saucer. This is the only appearance of Hosehead.
Bacchus Wrath was buried in the cavern after Ohranger destroyed it, and thought to have been eliminated. Mondo was still free and active at the end of the episode.
The Super Machine Beast project was Bacchus Wrath's final plan, and with its failure, he would launch a final desperate attack in the following episode With the Neo Plutonium army defeated and the Rangers possessing the Super Zeo Zords, Mondo would decide to take matters into his own hands in the next episode.
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