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This page highlights the differences between The Earth is Snoring and Rock-A-Bye Power Rangers.
The Earth is Snoring
Rock-A-Bye Power Rangers


The Earth is Snoring Rock-A-Bye Power Rangers
The thirtieth episode of the series. The thirty-first episode of the series.
The monster was male. The monster was female.
Bara Gusuka's power is generated from his servomotors, which create a hypnotic noise. Somnibot's spell is generated by her brainwave frequency, her twinkle dust creation and her lullaby singing.
The Baranoia royal family falls under Bara Gusuka's powers, falling asleep on the balcony of Baranoia Palace. The Gadgetry Family falls asleep on their own at the palace balcony without Somnibot's help.
Bara Gusuka is sent to Earth specifically by Empress Hysteria in order to prevent the Baranoia forces from being stuck in its sleep power and causing a nuisance. Mondo specifically sends Somnibot to Earth in order for her to put the Zeo Rangers (and all of Angel Grove) to sleep after wearing the former down with Cog attacks.
Bara Gūsuka is neutral but used for evil, causing mass deaths and sleep induction. Somnibot is, despite her initial nightcap-wearing first appearance, at first indifferent of who is affected by her spell but once rebuilt and powered up, she becomes evil and makes it clear that she wants to put the world into an eternal sleep.
Riki already known as KingRanger and instrumental in Bara Gusuka's management. The Gold Ranger is instrumental in Somnibot's management, but the Zeo Rangers continue to believe him to be someone else.
Bara Gusuka is defeated and is never seen again. Somnibot is defeated but returns to be an audience member in Prince Gasket's machine arena before disappearing again.
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