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This page highlights the differences between Ep. 20: Daizyujin's Last Day and Green With Evil.

Daizyujin's Last Day
Zyuranger episode 20
Green With Evil


Daizyujin's Last Day Green With Evil
[Grifforzer]] gains the ability to talk in this episode. Goldar was already able to talk when he first appeared.
Grifforzer starts attacking the city at the beginning of the episode. Goldar was already attacking Angel Grove in the final moments of the last episode.
The Zyuranger instantly appear on the scene when Grifforzer attacks. The Rangers were temporarily unable to morph for a time, allowing Goldar's attack to go unimpeded.
Grifforzer captures a tour bus containing school kids. Goldar snatches a bus that Bulk and Skull were fleeing in.
Grifforzer takes the tour bus to a valley. Goldar takes the bus he caught to a beach.
In addition to Bandora threatening to send the tour bus over the edge of a cliff, the Dinosaur Eggs were at the bottom of the ravine, with Bandora intending to crush them. The Power Eggs were not involved in Rita's plot. Instead, she just threatened to send Bulk and Skull over a cliff.
The solar eclipse was a natural event. Bandora and her minions were just taking advantage of it. The solar eclipse was caused by Rita casting a spell.
The Zyuranger were given fore knowledge of the eclipse and the danger it would present, but chose to summon Daizyuzin anyway. The rangers were unaware of the solar eclipse coming until it started.
As all this happened, DragonRanger waited on the sidelines for his moment. As all this happened, Green Ranger attacked the Command Center again until Rita summoned him to help.
DragonRanger instantly appeared as a giant. Rita threw her staff to make Green Ranger grow.
DragonRanger only allied with Bandora's gang. He was not part of it. Green Ranger was under a spell to be part of Rita's forces.
Daizyuzin was overwhelmed by DragonRanger due to Geki being reluctant to fight his brother. Green Ranger overwhelmed the Megazord because it didn't have enough power to fight back.
The destruction of Daizyuzin was the culmination of Bandora's plan during the DragonRanger arc. The destruction of the Megazord was the latest step in Rita's plan during the Green Ranger arc.
The Zyuranger were already aware of DragonRanger's identity as Burai. Prior to the end of this episode, the Power Rangers were unaware that Green Ranger was Tommy.
The episode ends with the Zyuranger despondent over the loss of the Guardian Beasts. The episode ends with most of the Rangers demoralized by the loss of the Zords, and shocked over the revelation of Green Ranger's identity.
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