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This page highlights the differences between Ep. 10: Abare Leaguer Bind and Lost & Found in Translation. Since Lost & Found in Translation is mostly a straight (if more comedic) dub of Abare Leaguer Bind, this will be a more in-depth comparison of the changes between the two.
Ep. 10: Abare Leaguer Bind
Lost & Found in Translation


Abare Leaguer Bind Lost & Found in Translation
A framing device was only used in Completed! The Secret Abare Base and the Abarangers were only referred to as TV characters by characters from The Diary of the Fishing Idiot in Fishing Idiot Abare Diary, Domodomo, where they were also considered TV characters by the Abarangers. What’s more (and a bit obvious), Conner, Kira, and Ethan were only present in Lost & Found in Translation, never in Abaranger.
n/a Likely to avoid confusion from an audience of children who would not be familiar with Abaranger, all of the original terms for the weapons and attacks were changed to use the Dino Thunder terms, including referring to the Abarangers as "Dino Rangers". Likewise, the characters do not retain their original names, although many are not actually given a name in the episode (to avoid a continuity goof, they don’t gain their Dino Thunder counterparts’ names either).
Yukito is upset that Bucky Bonds missed the season opener, admitting he’s a fan. Kenny (Yukito) talks about how greedy American players are. No mention is made of Whacker Wilson (Bucky Bonds) missing any games.
Jannu is upset that Bachycelonagurus bonded with Asuka. Lije offers sincere encouragement but when Dezumozorlya’s conscious takes over and punishes Jannu, he warns Jannu not to let anymore Bakuryu bond with the Abarangers. Jannu’s unnamed counterpart just mentions hating the Power Rangers while stating she hated Mikey (Asuka) most of all. Lije’s counterpart mockingly says Jannu’s counterpart should something about it. When she punishes Jannu (with no indication she’s possessed by anything, particulary with the close up of her eyes changing being cut), it’s because Jannu had used Lije’s hairspray without asking. This was all likely done as the previous episode of Abaranger was not shown and the original dialogue would likely not have made sense without the context. (The Cephalazord is not brought up by either set of Dino Rangers this episode)
Being made to take the Fruit Punch Curry with him, the customer mentions just wanting his usual curry. Despite appearing in several episodes of Abaranger, no mention is ever made of his family. Mr. O'Shaughnessey mentions giving the Curry Fruit Surprise to his mother in law.
Asuka is seen in the bathroom several times throughout the episode throwing up (although the mess is never shown). All shots of Asuka in the bathroom are cut from Lost & Found in Translation (he’s only alluded to being there by the Yellow Ranger noting that he was “done ralphin” when he appears for the final fight).
One of Bankumushroom’s victims is a bald police officer, who is shown with the other victims when they are shown. The bald police officer is cut from the episode, likely because in two of his three appearances he wields a real gun, once pointing it at a pedestrian he was robbing before firing in the air.
Bankumushroom is actually impressed by the Abarangers roll-call before admonishing himself for doing so. Ka-Ching is only mocking the Dino Rangers when he says the roll-call was “impressive”.
When Yukito first notices Bucky, he right away notices Bucky’s back pain. If Kenny noticed Whacker’s pain, he doesn’t bring it up.
While watching Yukito treat Bucky, Ryouga and Ranru discuss Bankumushroom’s reason for the mushroom haircuts, how much Bucky makes ($50 million a year according to Imagination Station’s sub), and wondering how much Yukito was going to charge Bucky for his services. A bag of shittake mushrooms the two are eating from can be clearly seen. Watching the procedure, the Red and Yellow Rangers (both unnamed) talk about Whacker’s pay ($5 million a year) and whether he’s playing for the love of the game or for the money. Ka-Ching doesn’t come up, there is no close-up on the mushrooms (although it’s visible they’re eating something) and the scene simply stops cutting to them rather than show them leaving.
Bucky merely states that he’s healed. He does get excited enough to kiss Yukito (something not appreciated by Yukito). Whacker states (jokingly or otherwise) that he should give up baseball for ballroom dancing. The kiss is cut, but Kenny still flinches when Whacker leans in close suddenly.
Bucky offers Yukito the position of exclusive chiropractor for the MLB. Whacker simply states he’d tell everyone what a great chiropractor Kenny was.
Yukito does seem to consider the deal, imagining himself surrounded by women, before refusing. The imagining never happens and Kenny right away refuses Whacker’s offer.
Bucky is still disappointed Yukito refused his offer before Bankumushroom appears. Bucky raises his bat in defense before agreeing to sign an autograph, opening himself to attack. Whacker is focusing on being able to enjoy his time in Japan. He never raises his bat against Ka-Ching, who asks right away for an autograph.
Bankumushroom talks about how his haircuts would make people want to try and solve all their problems with money. Ka-Ching insults all sports heroes, saying they were gullible due to their huge egos (This and the other jabs in the dub against American sports heroes were likely done by Dino Thunder’s writers to give Conner, who was already unimpressed with the “Japanese show about the Power Rangers”, another reason to not like it).
n/a The scene of Ryouga, Ranru, and Emiri playing Monopoly and discussing Yukito refusing Bucky’s offer is cut (though can be partially seen when Conner blocks the TV screen), as well as Asuka mistaking the phrase “kicking money out of the park” as a literal event akin to a soccer match (he is still in the bathroom in this scene).
Looking at the waterfront, Yukito talks about how he only refused the offer due to his self proclaimed “dandyism”. Kenny talks about how he knows Whacker would never change his money-hungry ways.
Bucky only talked about cheating in baseball. What is seen is his imagination. Whacker actually does cheat, with his imagination becoming actual events.
AbaRed and AbareYellow assume Yukito is in a pile of coins because he accepted Bucky’s offer. The Red and Yellow Rangers recognize that Yukito was attacked but accuse Whacker of doing it.
Bankumushroom is bragging about his money-launching attack while the Abarangers admonish him squandering it in an attack. AbaRed says they’d counter the attack with banks, later admitting he wasn’t sure how that would work. Ka-Ching offers to make the Dino Rangers rich if they fight with him. The Blue and Yellow Rangers are disgusted by this but the Red Ranger asks how much he was thinking of. He quickly refuses but states that it "doesn’t hurt to ask."
Yukito just begs Bucky to remember his baseball instincts and wake up. Kenny subtly tricks Whacker by announcing Whacker was up to bat like a sports announcer.
Bankumushroom gets knocked out, thinking its winter and time for hibernation. When he wakes up, he becomes vicious and attacks ferociously. AbareYellow even states bears waking up from hibernation are dangerous, explaining Bankumushroom’s new ferociousness (she also points out to Bankumushroom that it was actually already Spring). Ka-Ching is merely knocked out, with no explanation for why he’s surrounded by a winter scene. He wakes up angry at the Rangers, which is the only explanation for his ferociousness (the Yellow Ranger only mockingly wishes Ka-Ching “sweet dreams”).
The Abarangers attack Bankumushroom in Abare Mode (including AbareBlack) before finishing him off with the Dino Bomber. Super Dino Mode (Abare Mode) is never showned (likely because Tommy wouldn't get Super Dino Mode for another eight episodes while Asuka already had Abare Mode for two episodes), cutting straight to the Z-Rex Blaster (although Ka-Ching gets up, groaning, when he was still standing and not weakened in the previous shot of him).
The wigs disappear from the victims, with a shot of the old lady hiding the money she gained. Only Whacker is seen after Ka-Ching’s defeat and can only infer the others were made normal.
AbarenOh wins a fight with an enlarged Bankumushroom. Ka-Ching is never enlarged and the Thundersaurus Megazord does not make an appearance.
Bucky expresses disappointment Yukito won’t work for the MLB while Yukito tells Whacker to come back if his back was acting up again. Whacker thanks the Rangers for teaching him and Kenny admits to being wrong about the baseball player.
n/a There’s more to Lost & Found in Translation, but it consists of Conner admitting that the “Japanese Power Rangers show” was different but was still a valid viewpoint. The post-credit scene of Bucky tasting the Fruit Punch Curry and Yukito agreeing to open a chain of restaurants to sell his creation is cut.
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