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This page highlights the differences between Duke Org Rouki and Zen-Aku.





Duke Org Rouki Zen-Aku
Rouki took control of Shirogane's body and held a grudge with the GaoRangers. Zen-Aku took control of Merrick Baliton's body, plotting revenge on the Wild Force Rangers.
Rouki was sealed in a stone coffin for 1000 years. Zen-Aku was sealed in a stone coffin for 3000 years.
Rouki is an Org born of pure evil energy contained in a wolf mask. Zen-Aku is an Org spirit contained in a wolf mask.
Shirogane being freed of his influence was part of Ura's plan. Merrick being released from his possession was a setback to Nayzor.
Rouki returned shortly after Shirogane was freed of him, while the GaoRangers were still fighting Ura. Zen-Aku returned to face the Wild Force Rangers again after they had destroyed Nayzor for good.
Rouki was killed by GaoHunter Justice and the wolf mask destroyed. Zen-Aku was apparently destroyed through defeating the Predazord, reverting Merrick back to normal and the wolf mask destroyed.

Later inexplicably returned but sought redemption rather than continuing his quest for revenge.

At one point, Ura attempted to put the evil energy back into Shirogane to turn him back into Rouki. During his return confrontation, he attempted to re-merge with Merrick.
The dark energy he was composed of was used by Ura to create increasingly more powerful Orgs before finally using it to take on his Ultimate form. Zen-Aku had no involvement in making stronger Orgs or granting Nayzor his powered-up form.
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