This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Guardian Beast Dragon Caesar and Dragonzord.

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Dragon Ceasar/Dragonzord


Dragon Caesar Dragonzord
Was one of the seven guardian beast gods of ancient mankind. Was an inanimate robotic dragon without any backstory.
Was a living being with some degree of sentience.
Grieved when DragonRanger died. Never displayed any form of emotion when Tommy had to leave the team due to losing his powers.
Was never used by any of the villains. Several villains managed to use Dragonzord against the rangers, including Goldar and an evil clone of Tommy.
Did not fight alongside the Chi Beasts from Dairanger. Fought alongside the Thunderzords for a while, as these were upgraded versions of the Dinozords, while Dragonzord recieved no upgrade of itself.
Did not fight against Won Tiger from Dairanger. Was forced to fight the White Tigerzord, as Dragonzord fell in the hands of an evil clone of Tommy.
Returned to heaven with the other Guardian Beasts after Bandora was defeated as its task was completed. Apart from its short fight with the White Tigerzord, it simply stopped appearing after the Green Ranger powers were completely drained. It's fate is left ambiguous. It can be presumed that it still lies slumbering at the bottom of the sea.
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