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This page highlights the differences between Dora Unicorn and Polluticorn
Dora Unicorn


Dora Unicorn Polluticorn
Dora Unicorn was an environmental extremist-themed Dora Monster, held a deep hatred of humans for their polluting and driving animals to extinction. Polluticorn was a pollution-themed monster who enjoyed destroying the environment.
Dora Unicorn befriended a young environmentalist boy, using his hatred to further his own agenda. Polluticorn never befriended anyone.
Dora Unicorn attacked a factory. Polluticorn attacked a recycling facility.
His horn was the source of his psychic connection with the young boy. His horn was the main source of his power.
Dora Unicorn was killed by a special attack by Daizyujin while riding King Brachion where he jumped off and used the kinetic energy to greatly enhance the Godhorn attack, which would have failed the conventional way due to the monster's power. Megazord merely leaped back into battle and used the standard finisher (possibly in midair) against Polluticorn. Never faced Titanus.
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