This page highlights the differences between Dora Sphinx and King Sphinx.

King Sphinx

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Dora Sphinx King Sphinx
Dora Sphinx was created from normal clay by Pleprechaun. King Sphinx was created from Eqyptian sand by Finster.
Dora Sphinx was able to assume the form of a Japanese game show host. King Sphinx was unable to assume a human form.
Dora Sphinx's first appeared as a game show host asking kids five impossible questions. King Sphinx's first appeared via flashback and then physically when he got rid of Zack and Kimberly during the arena fight.
Dora Sphinx's mission was to trap children inside of trees so they could be cut down to kill the children. King Sphinx's mission was to separate Jason from the others and kill him.
Dan and Boi weren't in the initial fight because they were captured prior. Unused in PR because they were unmorphed. Billy and Trini's absence from the first fight occurred because Zordon didn't call them and remains a plothole.
Dora Sphinx's main power was flapping his wings to send people into trees. King Sphinx's main power was flapping his wings hard enough to send people flying away.
Made himself grow after the Zyurangers failed to solve his hardest riddle (what is my weakpoint). Grifforzer had grown before he arrived. Grown by Rita alongside Goldar.
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