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This page highlights the differences between Dora Raiger and Madame Woe.

Dora Raiger
MMPR Madame Woe
Madame Woe


Dora Raiger Madame Woe
Dora Monster created by Bandora and Pleprechaun. Friend and ally of Rita Repulsa.
Possessed a gem containing a water-manipulating fairy named Rainy she uses to control water elements. Possesses a gem that allows for her to control the elements, including rain, heat and cold.
Controls and manipulates a dimension where those trapped inside ultimately drown to become the means for casting spells with magic water. Controls and manipulates a dimension where she merely captures those within as prisoners.
Schemed to cast a spell to create a thousand-day rainstorm to flood the Earth using her power. Merely used to fight the Power Rangers and search for their secret identities.
Captured multiple children to use for the rain ritual and ultimately captured all of the Zyuranger. Captured a girl named Marge believing her to be the Blue Ranger while ultimately capturing all of the Power Rangers.
Released all those captured by her when a girl named Saori united Rainy with her best friend Sunny with the help of Dan. Released all those captured by her when Billy was empowered with the entire team's powers via their Dino Coins ultimately destroying her gem.
Destroyed by the Thunder Slingers. Destroyed by the Power Cannon.
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