This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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This page highlights the differences between Dora Pixie and Babe Ruthless.
Dora Pixie
Babe Ruthless


Dora Pixie Babe Ruthless
Monster who resembled a young boy with a unicorn horn. Large ogre like monster.
Grew into a giant ogre like form if his horn were to be cut off. Was a regular monster that grew giant that was not shown to have a human form.
Threw baseballs that made their victims fall in love when swallowed. Could throw large boulder sized baseballs.
Goal was to make children fall in love. Was merely sent as a distraction for the Rangers.
Spoke in a distorted child voice when giant, and voiced by a Woman. Spoke in a normal voice and voiced by a Man.
Aided by Totpat & Bookback and later Grifforzer and Lamy when giant. Only aided by Goldar and Scorpina.
Was the main monster for his respective episode. Was one of two monsters sent by Goldar, the other being Weaveworm.
Appeared long before Dora Silkis. Appeared in the same episode as Weaveworm.
Put Mei under his love spell with a love potion gas that was a superpowered version of his baseballs. Only the Male ZyuRangers fought him as a giant as a result. Never put Kimberly under a spell, his gas had no known special effects. All six Power Rangers fought him.
Was the first monster to be destroyed by Gouryuuzin. Was the last monster to be destroyed by Dragonzord Battle Mode.
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