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This page highlights the differences between Dora Gansaku and Cyclops.

Dora Gansaku
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Dora Gansaku Cyclops
Pleprechaun brought it to life reluctantly, believing that it was hardly his best work. Finster gladly brought him to life, believing that Rita would be pleased with his powers.
His shapeshifting powers were unknown until he was forced out of his Dragon Caesar disguise. His shapeshifting powers were mentioned by Finster just before bringing him to life.
Dora Gansaku was used to lure DragonRanger out of the Lapless Room so Bandora could learn its location. Cyclops was used as a distraction while Rita used the Green Candle to steal the Green Ranger's powers.
Dora Gansaku was believed to be Dragon Caesar until the real one exposed it. Cyclops was originally believed to be the Dragon Zord, until Zordon told the Rangers that it was an imposter.
After his charade was uncovered, he demonstrated his powers to the Zyurangers before fleeing. After being forced back into his true form, his disguise power malfunctioned and couldn't hold a form, forcing him to retreat.
Defeated by the Zyurangers minus Goushi and Dan. All six rangers were required to destroy it.
After his initial defeat, his spirit returned in the finale to prevent the Zyurangers from saving the Guardian Beasts. Cyclops was never seen nor mentioned again after being destroyed.
Dora Gansaku appeared in five episodes total. Cyclops appeared in two episodes total.
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