This article is about a/an comparison of characters in the Super Sentai and Power Rangers franchises.
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Kyoryu Violet/Dino Charge Purple Ranger

This page highlights the differences between Doctor Ulshade and Albert Smith.

Kyoryu Violet
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Dino Charge Purple


Doctor Ulshade Albert Smith
A genius inventor, invented the Gaburevolver system and upgraded Plezuon A bigfoot Hunter and had no involvement in the development of the Dino Charge gear.
Retired due to age and passed it on to his granddaughter.  Willingly gave up his powers due to his fear of monsters. Although he got a renewed confidence, he also decided his work was at New Zealand.
Grandfather to Yayoi Ulshade, the second Kyoryu Violet No relation to Kendall Morgan, the second Purple Ranger
Suffered a back injury which hindered him in battle. Feigns back pain to trick Iceage and Stingrage.
Returns transformed alongside his successor during the final battle. Only appeared once and never met his successor.
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