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Sword Of Darkness

Hellfriede/Sword of Darkness

This page highlights the differences between Devil Sword Hellfriede and Sword of Darkness.


Devil Sword Hellfriede Sword of Darkness
It is unkown where the sword came from. Belonged to Zordon at first, but was stolen from Zordon's warriors by the Knasty Knight.
Burai had to take the sword from an undead knight by battling it. Rita gave Tommy the sword after defeating putties as part of a test.

The sword would drive the wielder insane by amplifying their rage and hatred.

The sword would enhance Rita's mind control spell over Tommy as long as he wielded it.
Never reappeared after Geki destroyed it.

Temporarily returned in the hands of the evil Green Mutant Ranger after its initial destruction by Jason.

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